Polypropylene Sediment Filter Aqua Filter FCPS1

Aqua Filter FCPS1 Sediment Filter

The Aqua Filter FCPS1 polypropylene filter is a powerful water filter that retains sand, dirt, mud, rust, suspended solids and microparticles up to 1 micron. In addition, polypropylene is rough and unusually resistant to many chemical solvents, acids and bases. The FCPS1 filter is manufactured in Europe.


Polypropylene filter FCPS1

Removes dirt, sand, mud, rust, sediments, microparticles and suspended solids up to 1 micron. Ideal solid filter for all filtration systems. The mission of the filter is to protect carbon filters of equal or less permeability in the subsequent filtration stages from clogging.

Filter Replacement

The life of the filter depends on the water quality and the transmission network. Replacement should be done every 3 to 12 months. The filter should be checked at regular intervals to ensure the adequacy of water in the system. The operating temperature of the filter is from 5 ° C - 35 ° C and its dimension is 2 "X 10" Inches.


house αντίγραφο

Central Water Supply Filter

The water of the network in its course from the source to the tap of our house entrains soil, rust, suspended particles, sediments and various other small particles that are detached from the pipes of the city network or the rusty pipes of our house and due to ignorance end up within our body. The filters that come mainly in the main supply are filter cases 10 ” or larger with polypropylene cartridges from 1-20 microns that retain dirt, sand, rust, mud, sediments. In this way the whole installation is protected from damage to taps, cisterns, coffee makers, floats, etc.
under counter

Under-the-counter Filter

In case there is no sediment filter in the main supply of our house, it can be placed under the kitchen counter. Place the precipitate filter in a 10 ” filter holder as the first stage of filtration. The water passing through the polypropylene filter is filtered from soil, sand, mud, rust, suspended solids, sediments and microparticles up to 1 micron.

Economic Filters

At Aqua Pure, whatever water filtration product we have for sale, we have made sure that the entire range of its spare parts is available at the same time. You will find the most modern technological water filters. Water filters follow the international standard (they are not unique) and can be used in different brands of filter cases (provided that it follows this international standard), this results in healthy competition and filters have a low cost . We do not have telemarketing filters that are of dubious quality, of origin, have too high of a purchase cost and are unique (the consumer is obliged to buy the specific type of filter and brand).


2 Years Silver Warrany in all products of Aqua Pure & Aqua Filter

The warranty covers the replacement (spare parts) of the parts that the Manufacturer or its Dealer has identified as defective, stating that this replacement can be done with new spare parts, new parts or remanufactured parts at the discretion of the Manufacturer. Covers all Aqua Filter Company products purchased from Puredry Hellas EU or any of its official resellers in Greece.