Puredry Hellas E.Ε.

Puredry Hellas E.E. was founded in 2015 by the PDK Group, a team of experienced electrician engineers, mechanical engineers, chemists, specialized in renewable sources of energy, air purification, humidification – dehumidifying air and water filtration systems. Already, the company since 2015 is “operating” outside the Greek borders in Bulgaria, Skopje, Poland, Romania and Germany. In our company we operate with principles, standards and social sensitivity. We take care of our people, the environment and the social and economic development of the regions where we operate. Our priority is respect for our employees. We make sure that we provide them with a safe and healthy work environment in which to work efficiently. We make sure to cooperate with companies that meet the standards of business ethics that we represent: equal work opportunities, respect for workers, safe and non-discriminatory working environment, compliance with legislation, exclusion of child labor, care for society and environmental protection etc .; Responsibility for the environment and the implementation of a sustainable and conscientious environmental policy is a key feature of our corporate behavior and our duty towards society. Looking ahead and with the help of research and technology:
We create the conditions that allow us to try with respect and sensitivity to the environment.
We focus on the rational management of natural resources in the production process, aiming at minimal impact on the environment.
We aim at optimal management of water and energy resources, solid, liquid and gaseous waste.
We participate in an approved collective management system for recycling “AMP 1934” recycled products that arise from our entire activity, as recycling is our basic choice at all levels of our business.
Based on our founder’s twenty-five years of experience, and in order to strengthen our position in the Greek market, we pay special attention to the high quality of our branded products “Puredry”.

With our headquarters in the city of Drama in the prefecture of Drama, we contribute to the decentralization, and consequently to the creative time of our executives.

The structure of our company follows the European standards, paying special attention to the service of our associates. For this reason, we focus not only on pre-sales service but also on after-sales service, through our Technical Department, always focusing on the excellent coverage of our partners needs. At Puredry Hellas EE we are listening to the prevailing conditions in the Greek market and we are committed to supporting our partners with continually improved services and innovative products.