Water Softener Νερού Aqua Pure ASE2 BX2 LCD Compact 30L Volumetric

Aqua Pure ASE2 BX2 LCD Compact 30L Volumetric Water Softener

New generation of Aqua Pure ASE2 automatic softeners with elegant compact housing, with easy programming by every user. Aqua Pure ASE2 softeners are characterized by high efficiency in water treatment and economical management of the consumable brine mixture. The resins are regenerated automatically as soon as the required volume of water has passed, which can be easily adjusted thanks to the digital programmer.

Softening Salt


Softening Salt

Placed in the softener container, suitable for all types of softeners, it offers maximum system efficiency. Salt can be used in any type of household appliance that uses salt for water softening (dishwashers, clothes, etc.) with excellent results.


2 Years Silver Warrany in all products of Aqua Pure & Aqua Filter

The warranty covers the replacement (spare parts) of the parts that the Manufacturer or its Dealer has identified as defective, stating that this replacement can be done with new spare parts, new parts or remanufactured parts at the discretion of the Manufacturer. Covers all Aqua Filter Company products purchased from Puredry Hellas EU or any of its official resellers in Greece.