Under The Counter Filtration System APTWIN by Aqua Pure.

Under The Counter Filtration System APTWIN by Aqua Pure.​

APTWIN filter case. This is a double 10″ canister that can be placed under the kitchen counter. The series connection of two or more such filters can fully cover the needs of a home (removal of solid particles, softening, dechlorination, reduction of heavy metals, etc.).


Activated Carbon Block Filter APCYL

Activated carbon filter from high quality raw materials with full antimicrobial activity. The Aqua Pure APCYL filter, which is made of 100% coconut shell, offers protection against a number of contaminants in tap water, with an emphasis on the effective removal of lead and cysts up to 0.5 microns. The carbon block component it contains effectively removes heavy metals such as lead, copper, mercury and strontium.

Two Stage Filter with Antimicrobial Action FCPS5-BL-AB

Two-stage filter, polypropylene and carbon (FCPS5-BL-AB). The outer layer of the cartridge is made of polypropylene, to which antibacterial components, based on silver, are added during construction. The second layer of the filter, consists of high quality activated carbon, with coconut shell. In addition, the carbon block component is added to remove heavy metals such as lead, copper, mercury and strontium.


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Safe Water

The degree of effectiveness of filtration systems is sufficient to remove any harmful elements from drinking water. Based on the legislation of Greece and the EU. in all residential areas and settlements the disinfection of water by chlorination should be ensured. Thus all filtration systems filter chlorinated water. Of course, you remove chlorine 100% from the filtration systems, which can be two, three to seven stages depending on the needs of the consumer. In areas where there is no water disinfection treatment, the consumer should check its suitability in a certified microbiological laboratory before using it and before selecting any filter.

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Economical Filters

At Aqua Pure, whatever water filtration product we have for sale, we have made sure that the entire range of its spare parts is available at the same time. You will find the most modern technological water filters. Water filters follow the international standard (they are not unique) and can be used in different brands of filter cases (provided that it follows this international standard), this results in healthy competition and filters have a low cost . We do not have telemarketing filters that are of dubious quality, of origin, have too high of a purchase cost and are unique (the consumer is obliged to buy the specific type of filter and brand).


2 Years Silver Warrany in all products of Aqua Pure & Aqua Filter

The warranty covers the replacement (spare parts) of the parts that the Manufacturer or its Dealer has identified as defective, stating that this replacement can be done with new spare parts, new parts or remanufactured parts at the discretion of the Manufacturer. Covers all Aqua Filter Company products purchased from Puredry Hellas EU or any of its official resellers in Greece.